Children / Age 4/5 Starting school This class is aimed at children who have recently started school. Parents still accompany children in these sessions but children are encouraged to become more independent in preparation for integrating into older classes.
Children can be introduced to more complex moves incorporating body landings into routines and still having fun while learning.

Children will still work towards a badge and certificate scheme which will be awarded at the end of each term.

Sept 2017

Starts Mon 4th Sept to Sat 16th Dec 2017

Monday     4pm-4.45pm            
Monday     4.45pm-5.30pm        
Tuesday    4pm-4.45pm            
Tuesday    4.45pm-5.30pm   
Friday        4pm-4.45pm    
Friday 4.45pm-5.30pm           
Saturday   10am-10.45am   
Call to book 01344 306301

Please note that parents/spectators are NOT allowed into the trampoline hall for these classes. Please use the viewing window.

These classes are courses which need to be booked before turning up. 
Coaches: Lexi Lawton  Monday,  Alan Chapman Tuesday, Sophie Brady Friday, Tayla Porter and Sophie Brady Saturday.